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Despite what many think, using silicone, water-based products is not good for full base leather. It gives temporary results, fades and wears out the leather regardless of if the leather is auto or home leather. The best products to use on fine leather is natural products that contain beeswax to get deep into the pores of the leather and give it a soft feel and restore it to a beautiful look. This is what Lynadens products will do for auto and home leather care. It gives the leather a rich look and soft feel for our customers. Our products are made in Washington state, USA. Lynadens natural leather care will extend the life of your precious leather. Lynadens is also a distributor for SONAX auto detailing supplies from Germany.


The Man Behind The Product

Since I was 6 years old I had a passion for cars. I could recognize a car name, make and model at an early age. My parents started taking my sister and I to the Chicago Auto Show in the late 70’s and early 80’s. My interest in cars increased. From that time on, I knew I was a car enthusiast at an early age. I especially loved shiny cars that smells new and always wanted to know how cars get that way. I remember years ago, my father had a 1977 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. It was white and I remember that it had gotten dirty and worn out over time. My father took it to a local auto detail shop, at the time I didn’t know much about auto detailing and I thought my father took the vehicle to the shop for service. When we went to pick up the car two days later, the car looked and smelled brand new. Some of our friends and relatives had thought we had actually brought another new car. This really sparked my interest in auto detailing. I started researching detailing products. I began detailing cars for friends and relatives from a young age as a hobby. I realized that my passion for cars instilled a desire to be part of the car detailing business industry. I went for professional training at Detail King in Pittsburg, PA to learn more about auto detailing and the products. You may wonder: What does this have to do with Natural leather cleaning?

While detailing cars I have worked on high end luxury cars like, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, etc. I have noticed the high quality of luxury cars needed high quality products especially for their leather care. I started researching and sampling different leather care for high end leather. There are many leather types like aniline, semi aniline, full and cutter leather that manufacturers use on cars. I had also worked for a furniture department store for 15 years and studied leather care on some of the highest quality leather. That's why I understand the importance of high quality of leather care products used on the best leather types. Please continue searching on our website and contact us if you have any questions. Thanks

Willie H. Young Jr.
LynAdens President


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